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What is self-disclosure? Self-disclosure is a process of communication in which one person reveals information to another. It can be used in many ways, but in this instance, we will be talking specifically about self-disclosure with therapy practices and mental health professionals.  Types of self-disclosure  Accidental -...



What is overstimulation? Overstimulation, sometimes called “sensory overload,” is when your brain has too much stimuli, making it hard to process any new information. Typically, this is seen in highly sensitive people (HSP), autistic folks, folks with anxiety, and folks with ADHD. Essentially, your brain feels trapped...


PA Self-Defense Laws

by: Ryan Cocron CW: violence, police brutality, trans death, weapons Intro This is a blog that I hate having to write. But with all of the recent anti-trans laws being pushed and continued crime against the LGBTQ community, especially trans and nonbinary folks, it feels important and relevant...

What Is Crippling Depression

What Is Crippling Depression?

Some people who have depression are completely overwhelmed by it. If you experience crippling depression, everything in your life might seem difficult to do. Crippling depression may cause you to be unable to perform your job, to pay your bills, to take care of your...


Keys To Dealing With Major Life Transitions

When you deal with any major life transition, it is common to feel a sense of melancholy. The end of things often leaves people experiencing feelings of loss or even grief. This is true for both things that you wanted to end as well as...


How to Maintain Health & Wellness

Do you define health as the absence of problematic symptoms or specific conditions? Is wellness about having goals and actively working towards them? Or are both terms synonymous with feeling energetic and full of life? It’s good to think about these things from time to...

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