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Fishtown Wellness Center helps individuals and families create, cultivate, and sustain the life they want to live.

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Flexible appointments, offering day/evening/weekend sessions based on clinician availability
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430 Belgrade St. Philadelphia, PA 19125


About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

Fishtown Wellness Center provides mental health counseling and therapy, holistic health coaching, and wellness services (such as meditation, mindfulness, group therapies, nutrition, healthy living skills & behavior change coaching) delivered by mental health professionals.

Other services include relationship counseling/coaching and affirmative counseling related to sexuality and gender identity.

Our practice follows a whole-person and individualized approach to improving physical and mental health with approaches that are grounded in evidence-based strategies to help motivate individuals in taking action and creating positive change in their lives.

We not only help individuals navigate challenges in their lives, but we help build on each person’s strengths, resources, and achievements, taking a Positive Psychology and empowerment approach.

We tailor our strategies and services based on the individual and the community, with the overall goal of helping people create, cultivate and sustain the life they want to live.

Fishtown Wellness Center

Our Mission

Fishtown Wellness Center helps individuals and families create, cultivate, and sustain the life they want to live.

List Of Services

Clinical Services

  • individual and group psychotherapy
  • addictive behavior and behavior change counseling
  • couples counseling
  • counseling for the management of chronic conditions
  • clinical mental health counseling

Wellness Services

  • holistic health coaching
  • nutritional education and counseling
  • food changes counseling/coaching
  • food-mood connection education and coaching
  • wellness planning
  • healthy lifestyles coaching
  • massage therapy
  • meditation classes and workshops
  • mutual self-help groups

Featured Programs

  • sexuality and gender-affirmative counseling
  • couples counseling
  • relationship, intimacy, and communication skills coaching/counseling
  • DBT skills groups
  • interpersonal learning groups
  • anxiety management groups
  • navigating relationship concerns groups

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote community mental health by assisting clients in their efforts to build their sense of resiliency, balance and well-being. Through a holistic and evidence-based approach, our team of licensed therapists provide mental, emotional, and behavioral health services that meet the specific needs of individuals and the community as a whole.

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