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Couples & Relationships Counseling

Improve Your Relationships

As social beings, most people want to develop deep and meaningful relationships. However, relationships require a willingness to put in hard work to keep them healthy. Similarly, intimate relationships can be strained by an accumulation of small stressors while major stressors can derail them. As long as all partners are willing to work on the issues that they have and to develop a solution, most relationship issues can be managed. The relationship counselors at Fishtown Wellness Center can give you the tools to address the issues in your relationship with our couples & relationship counseling.

Child and Adolescent Services

How stress can impact relationships

Relationships can be negatively impacted by stress. Additionally, communication problems, different styles of parenting, differences in political views, differences in relationship orientations and different expectations can all effect relationships. In short, all of these can be addressed with couples & relationships counseling.

For example, severe stressors that can cause serious harm to a relationship include such things as: a terminal illness, infidelity, and serious mental health problems. If you have noticed feelings of contempt or resentment in your relationship with an increased frequency of arguments, you might benefit from seeking couples therapy at Fishtown Wellness Center.

Our therapists can help you to work through many different relationship problems, including the following:

  • Financial problems
  • Communication problems
  • Emotional distance
  • Conflict
  • Loss of trust
  • Sexual intimacy problems
  • Differences in goals
  • Differences in parenting
  • Infidelity
  • Chronic illnesses

Additionally, if you are unmarried and thinking about getting married to your partner, you might both benefit from seeking premarital/couples counseling.

Relationship therapy

Do I need relationship counseling?

You might seek couples & relationships counseling for a variety of reasons. You might want to work through your problems to build a stronger relationship. Maybe you might be uncertain about whether you want to continue your relationship. Other reasons that people seek relationship counseling include: wanting to improve their communication skills, to navigate new territory in their lives, to enhance their sexual and emotional intimacy, or to navigate responsibilities of co-parenting and/or cohabitating.

That is to say, people in relationships should not expect their therapists to take sides or to make direct recommendations about the relationship’s longevity. In contrast, good therapists allow the therapeutic process to promote the well-being of everyone involved.

At Fishtown Wellness Center, we work to help partnerships by offering support for the goals they set and allowing all partners to communicate their emotions and feelings more productively.

What To Expect

For relationship counseling to work, everyone will need to be committed to the process. There will need to be honesty, an interest in making changes, and personal accountability for the work during and outside the session.

The therapists at Fishtown Wellness can help you feel balanced and nourished by the people you connect with.  They utilize techniques drawn from approaches such as Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), the Gottman Method, and Family Systems Therapy.

Couples & Relationship Counseling Specializations

The couples and relationships counselors at Fishtown Wellness have expertise in:

  • sex therapy
  • alternative relationship structures
  • queer relationships
  • ethnical nonmonoagmy/polyamory
  • kink relationships

In summary, when working with a couple’s therapist, we will identify the ways in which you want to improve and enhance your relationships in a way that feels affirming and supportive.

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