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Fishtown Wellness values the safety of our clients and staff, recognizing that telehealth provides the flexibility and support to deliver therapy during these challenging times. Prior to COVID-19, our team had been providing Telehealth for those with mobility/scheduling issues or based on personal preference. Our therapists are trained in using virtual platforms to provide quality services and we will work with you to find the best medium for accessing therapy.

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Benefits to Telehealth

  • Flexibility: ideal for parents, those working from home, and people with mobility issues or limitations that prevent them from being seen in person
  • Comfort of being in your own space
  • Having more control over your environment
  • Utilizing tools and resources accessible from home
  • Involving members of your family (including pets!) into care
  • Incorporating virtual therapeutic measures such as worksheets, articles, and activities which are easily shareable electronically

Drawbacks of Telehealth

  • Not being able to have in- person contact with your therapist
  • Technical difficulties
  • Discomfort with Telehealth
  • Lack of privacy for sessions
  • Insurance may not cover it
  • Some body language may be missed

Expecting Changes

Our staff at Fishtown Wellness Center acknowledge that telehealth may be a transition for some used to in person therapy. As such, your therapist will work with you to build a toolbox you can use at home to create a therapeutic experience. All our staff attend to confidentiality in their work spaces and maintain privacy with sessions and content.


If you are unsure about whether Telehealth is the best fit for you, our therapists are here to answer any questions and work with you on finding the most comfortable option for accessing services. Please contact us today to set up an appointment.

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