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What Is Crippling Depression?

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What Is Crippling Depression

What Is Crippling Depression?

Some people who have depression are completely overwhelmed by it. If you experience crippling depression, everything in your life might seem difficult to do. Crippling depression may cause you to be unable to perform your job, to pay your bills, to take care of your hygiene, and to think about suicide. It is important for you to get help from a professional therapist at the Fishtown Wellness Center so that you can regain your life.

What is crippling depression?

Crippling depression is major depressive disorder and is severe enough that it limits your basic ability to function. Some people who suffer from crippling depression may have episodes that last for weeks or months. In other cases, this severe type of depression may resist treatment and turn into a lifelong struggle. While everyone’s experience is unique, crippling depression does have a few commonalities that people experience, including trouble sleeping or getting out of bed.

Is crippling depression more than major depressive disorder?

Some people who have depression think that crippling depression is synonymous with major depressive disorder. Crippling depression is an unofficial term that people use to describe the severity of their symptoms.

However, crippling depression is more severe than other forms of depressive disorders.
People who have moderate depression may still be able to function. Others are unable to attend school or to work full-time. Crippling depression is used to describe depression that is so severe that it leaves you unable to function.

Is depression accepted as a disability?

Historically, people have used the word crippling to refer to certain types of physical disabilities such as trouble walking, hearing, or speaking. A majority of people believe that these are disabilities that deserve support. People who have disabilities may be eligible for benefits from the government.

More employers, organizations, and mental health professionals acknowledge that depression is a disability. People who suffer from severe depression may use the term crippling depression to refer to when their symptoms have changed the nature of their depression from a manageable condition to a disabling condition.

The I have crippling depression meme and awareness about depression

A YouTuber named Ian Carter published a video on his YouTube channel, iDubbbzTV, in July 2016 that began with him jumping into a wheelchair. He then said, “I have crippling depression.” The video went viral and is still popular.

Many people commented that the video was offensive and insensitive. Some people wrote that they had depression and that depression is serious. Before Carter’s meme, interest in the phrase crippling depression was fairly low. However, the popularity of searches for crippling depression on the internet is now about five times greater than previously. While Carter’s video may have been insensitive, it is possible that it led to more awareness about severe depression.

The need for acceptance of crippling depression

While a clinical diagnosis is preferable, you still have the right to use unofficial labels to describe your illness. Some people believe that the clinical terms do not paint a full and accurate picture of the symptoms that they experience.

If you believe that you are experiencing crippling depression, it is important for you to seek help from a mental health professional. If you have a loved one who you believe is experiencing crippling depression, it is important for you to read more about the disorder so that you understand how to support him or her. Severe depression may be easier to manage with support from family members and friends. To get help for severe depression, contact the Fishtown Wellness Center today by filling out our online contact form.

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