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Racial Equity in Your Workplace

Workplace Discrimination in PA

You can’t overlook racial equity and inequalities any longer. Persons of color face discrimination and racism throughout the US. As a result, these issues are ever-present in workplace settings.

Race is usually considered too controversial or too political a topic to discuss within the corporate realm. But, business owners, human resources, and employees cannot afford to turn away from discrimination. Racial inequality is a structural issue. That is to say, society is not balanced for people of color. Black and Brown folks are typically most affected in the United States.

So, we need to have a conversation about race within the workplace. We need to take action so that everyone is treated equitably.

Source: James Eades via Unsplash

Fishtown Wellness Center has resources, education, tools, and programs that can start to disassemble those workplace barriers. We empower employees to have a voice and make the workplace more equitable. In fact, we encourage discussion around bias, privilege, and oppression. We use a problem-solving model. We cover goals from just raising awareness of discriminatory issues in organizations, to raising empathy, to creating change. Lastly, we provide lasting strategies for you to implement, ultimately taking steps to create an anti-oppressive and anti-racist work environment and culture.

Black Lives Matter Statement

Every little action made in support of racial equity and the Black Lives Matter movement is a step in the right direction.

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LGBTQIAP+ Statement

We work to dismantle systems of oppression that marginalize and target gender expansive and trans folx, particularly within mental and behavioral health.

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