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Fishtown Wellness Center helps individuals and families create, cultivate, and sustain the life they want to live.

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Mission, Vision, Philosophy


The mission of Fishtown Wellness is to enable individuals and families to create a life of well-being and balance. We do this by providing evidence-based, holistic approaches to mental, emotional, and behavioral health.

We bring value to the community by assisting individuals in building on strengths and resiliency.

Our overall mission is to help people create, cultivate, and sustain the life they want to live.



Fishtown Wellness is committed to providing our clients with the best quality, evidence-based approaches to treating mental and behavioral health concerns while building on personal strengths. As a company as a whole, we are committed to providing access to mental health services. We strive to break financial barriers of accessibility by taking insurance and utilizing a sliding scale for those individuals with no health coverage. We also strive to offer specific services based on community need. We host free support groups and other emotional health services for individuals in the community who are in need.   We support these goals with approaches grounded in four foundational principles:


I. The provision of quality, evidence-based mental health services by professional therapists

There are many different approaches to psychotherapy and counseling and helping individuals make changes. That said, there is no “one-size fits all” approach; therapy is best provided when individualized to meet the client’s specific needs. The therapists at FWC all operate under a holistic and integrative model, evaluating all factors that may be impacting the client’s situation and taking an individualized and collaborative approach to helping each person reach their personal goals.  Many of our approaches draw from client-centered/humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness-based models, while also integrating strategies from trauma-informed, psychodynamic, nutritional, and relational approaches.  FWC is also committed to providing ongoing education and training to their therapists as well as outside mental health professionals.


II.  The importance of conscious self-reflection and self-awareness

Therapy often involves having a metaphorical mirror held up in front of us so we can see and understand ourselves better. In this process, we can enrich and improve the relationship with ourselves by honestly evaluating the areas of our lives that need a bit of attention. This can be hard especially if we have consciously or unconsciously been avoiding change. FWC therapists take a collaborative and non-judgmental approach, starting with where the client is in their change process and helping each person understand themselves on a deeper level.


III. The importance of the person as a whole, including strengths & personal identity factors

We believe in understanding the system as whole, and how one domain impacts the other. We believe every part of a person is important and that every person is capable of achieving their full potential. We examine contextual factors, the environment, culture, and systems of oppression, and we work to break down those systems to elevate marginalized and vulnerable populations. We believe in promoting equity, social justice, and access to important health services that help to decrease health disparities that afflict our communities.  As such, we prioritize people of color as well as members of the LGBTQ+ population.


IV.  Actionable skills aimed towards personal change of thoughts, behaviors, habits, and other life factors that feel out of balance

The therapists at FWC are trained to understand motivation and the mechanisms of personal change, and what helps people succeed in their personal processes of change. We are likewise trained to look at what is keeping people stuck in old habit loops that do not work for them any longer.  We help individuals explore what is getting in their way of making the changes they want and need to make, and collaborate on how to move past the barriers while maintaining connection to inner motivation and drive.  We provide accountability strategies for taking personal steps and assist individuals with maintaining and sustaining new health practices.


To help individuals, families, groups and the community create and sustain a life of wellness, self-care, and personal growth. In this, we hope to normalize and de-stigmatize therapy and mental health counseling while providing access to emotional self-care and support services.


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