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Relationship Intensives

Differences Between Relationship Coaching and Relationship Therapy

Many folks seek the assistance of a mental health professional for issues that are coming up in their relationships, whether it is to help solve problems that have shown up or to simply just strengthen the relationship itself through learning new skills together. This is where therapy vs. coaching comes in. Therapy is often focused on solving problems and addressing emotional and mental health concerns, while coaching aims to help people who are already functioning at high levels in order to achieve additional goals and gains. Therapy can often include taking a long look at history in order to build a much better understanding of where things are; coaching can be really helpful once consciousness is achieved and someone is ready to start taking steps and making changes.  Depending on how your relationship is functioning, and how it’s impacting everyone involved, you may benefit from one or the other type of approach, at any given time. Sometimes the two approaches combined can be the most helpful- it all depends on the individuals within the system.

Relationship Intensives

Why Intensives?

Intensives can be a great option for folks who are at a point of readiness to learn and implement new skills, and who want to do so within a specific timeframe. They are a great and efficient way for motivated and busy people to dig in, learn about themselves and partner(s), and implement new skills within a short period of time.  For relationship coaching, this means that everyone involved is willing and available (literally and mentally/emotionally) to show up and commit to the process.

What To Expect

– a free consultation call to to determine if an Intensive is the right fit for you

– 2 five-hour coaching sessions in-person over the course of a weekend (either Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, hours tbd)

– 3 75-minute follow-up sessions in-person or via zoom, with flexible scheduling

– Email support over the course of 3 months, helping with accountability, follow-through, and problem-solving any barriers that arise

– Custom-designed resource package of handouts, books, and other tools that are useful to your specific relationship

– An Relationship Health Action Plan for you to use and modify as time goes on



All Relationship Intensives are $3600, total. No insurances are accepted for these services, but you are welcome to an HSA/FSA account if you have one. A 50% deposit ($1800) is required upon signup to hold the dates for your intensive, and the remainder ($1800) is due at the start of your first session.

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Types of Intensives


In preparation for getting married and officially “tying the knot”, many people want to have assess and build-upon the strengths in their relationship.  A “pre-wedding” intensive can help you and your fiancé feel confident in the strength of your bond, the way you problem-solve and resolve conflicts, and how you make decisions together. It can be helpful in learning new skills and routines to help keel the spark AND the solidness of your relationship intact as you take the next steps in your commitment to each other. Lastly, a pre-wedding intensive can be helpful in preparing for resilience with everything that comes with wedding planning.

Intimacy Intensive

People enter into relationships with various scripts and experiences related to vulnerability and intimacy. Some people have had very secure experiences within close relationships, while others have experienced harm, or even trauma, within those close bonds.  As such, many adult folks in relationships struggle at times with being and feeling close to their partner(s), be it emotionally, physically, or sexually.

An Intimacy Intensive is a great option for folks who want to explore issues related to intimacy, desire, closeness, sexual satisfaction, and sexual identity.  Elements of trauma-informed sex education are interwoven into helping people understand how to deepen their connective experiences of closeness and intimacy.

Polyamory and Non-monogamy Intensives

A non-monogamy intensive is a great option for folks navigating alternative relationship structures, whether it be for the first time (“opening up”), or within a frame of assessing and evaluating past/current non-monogamy skills.  Too many people jump straight into non-monogamy without being adequately prepared for the attachment flares that can occur, which often leads to relational damage.  An intensive is a great option for folks who want to take intentional and grounded steps within their relationship to navigate the terrains of non-monogamy as successfully and effectively as possible.

Trauma and Neurodivergent-Informed Relationships Intensive

In today’s era of social media and information access, many more folks are understanding their specific mental health and brain types. Many folks with experiences of ADHD, Autism, OCD, and other neurodivergences are wanting to learn how to best navigate these brain differences with their partners, and a Neurodivergent-Informed Relationship Intensive can be a great option for this.

Additionally, more and more we are collectively understanding the impacts of trauma (PTSD & CPTSD) on the individual AND on relationships. A Trauma-Informed relationship intensive can be an excellent option for people wanting to understand how to work with relational impacts of trauma and healing within their close relationships.

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