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Who We Are And What We Do

Jesse Braff

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Jesse (he/him) is currently a graduate student at McDaniel College where he is pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling.  He is committed to working with individuals within the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. Jesse has a special interest in working with individuals dealing with substance use as well as those who have ADD/ADHD. Additionally, as a transracial adoptee, he also hopes to support other adoptees as they explore their unique identities and sense of belonging.

Credentials, Training, Specialties


  • Bachelor of Music, Westminster Choir College
  • LPC candidate, McDaniel College


Commitment to Social Justice

Jesse is committed to social justice and the importance of affordable accessibility to mental health services. He is dedicated to exploring the somatic and psychological effects of systemic oppression and racism. 

Ari Peck


My name is Ari Peck and I received my Master’s in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh in 2021. I’ve previously worked in an intensive outpatient unit with clients with depression and other mood disorders.

I use a multi-modal approach, working collaboratively with clients and using a diverse set of techniques to help manage mood, self-esteem, and life adjustments. These methods include creating strategies to manage difficult relationships, exploring one’s under-met needs, and challenging unhelpful beliefs about oneself. I am particularly interested in working with clients who are neurodiverse, LGBTQ+, disabled, or otherwise facing obstacles to self-actualization.

I believe that people deserve a safe and supportive space within which to learn about themselves. My goal is to help clients deepen their self-knowledge, empowering them to make choices that reflect their values and create healthier relationships within their communities.

Credentials, Training, Specialties


  • MSW, Pittsburgh University


  • Depression
  • Mood disorder
  • Disability
  • LGBTQ+
Commitment to Social Justice

I believe that all people are connected through relationships to other people and institutions. These connections are often unbalanced in terms of influence, resources, and safety. I promise to be aware of these imbalances in my therapy practice and to respect the diverse identities, beliefs, backgrounds, and decisions of my clients. I promise to honor the autonomy of my clients and the inherent worth of all people.

Gabriella Fiore

Licensed Social Worker Candidate

Gabriella (they/them) is currently a second year graduate student pursuing their Masters of Social Work degree at Rutgers University. As a neurodivergent clinician, they have a strong interest in connecting with and helping other like-minded folks navigate a system where they may struggle to be seen and heard. They are highly passionate about working with LGBTQIA+ youth and assisting them on their journey of self-love, growth, and identity expression.

Credentials, Training, Specialties


  • MSW Candidate, Rutgers University
  • B.A. Psychology


  • LGBTQ+ youth
Commitment to Social Justice

Gabriella strives to contribute to the creation and expansion of safe and accessible healing spaces for those who have experienced a lack of representation and support within societal structures. Through their work and studies, they are dedicated to elevating the voices of those that have been silenced systematically.