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Katherine Wendler

Who We Are And What We Do
Fishtown Wellness Center / Katherine Wendler

Katherine Wendler

MFT, M.Ed.

Katherine Wendler, LMFT, MEd, (she/they) is a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in sexuality, relationships – with ourselves and others, and compassion. They are a full-time psychotherapist at Fishtown Wellness Center working with adult individuals and relationships, whether that’s in the form of monogamous couples or non-monogamous relationships. Katherine also has several years of experience working in substance use treatment programs, and is working towards completing their PhD in human sexuality. Katherine’s therapeutic approach is direct, zany, and engaging, and aims to help clients develop insight into their inner processes, create reflexive compassion for themselves and others, and coach people through challenges, hardship, and times of feeling stuck. They are informed by systems theory, gender theory, internal family systems, and interpersonal neurobiology, as well as their own identities as a non-binary, neurodivergent queer person. Katherine works Monday Through Friday, mornings through evenings, and is currently accepting new clients.

Credentials, Training, Specialties


  • Masters of Couples and Family Therapy, specializing in Sex Therapy
  • M.Ed. in Human Sexuality Studies
  • Ph.D. candidate in Human Sexuality Studies
  • Therapy training and education aligned with AASECT (educational standards for Certification in Sex Therapy)


  • Facilitation of individual, relational, and group treatment modalities in drug and alcohol use treatment programs
Commitment to Social Justice

Discussion of intersectionality and systems of oppression is common-place. That is to say, I work towards an integrative understanding of internal systems. I work towards locating our identities and the dance of those identities within ourselves. More specifically, the interpersonal relationships created as our varying identities dance with the systems around us.

I utilize a candid, collaborative approach to elevate the humanity of all parties, and empower and invite clientele to join me in the therapeutic growth process.

Additionally, I continuously seek supervision and advisory supports to increase and maintain awareness of ways I have participated in systems of oppression. Advisory supports include peer support, trainings, educational materials oriented towards social justice, and engaging with literature on decolonizing frameworks in therapy, education, and research methodologies.

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