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Riley Fortier

Who We Are And What We Do
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Riley Fortier, M.Ed.

Social Media Specialist, Community Sexuality Educator

Riley Fortier, M.Ed. (they/he) is a sexuality educator in the greater Philadelphia area, focusing on holistic wellness and LGBTQ+ diversity in higher education. Previously, Riley earned their Masters of Education in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University and their undergraduate degrees focusing on biology, psychology, and gender and sexuality studies from Roger Williams University. Riley seeks to provide sexuality and wellness workshops geared towards adults as well as LGBTQ+ trainings to professors and staff in higher education facilities. Riley currently provides community-based lesson plans and workshops for the greater Philadelphia area, as well as content creation and social media management for Fishtown Wellness Center. They are driven to foster inclusive educational environments that provide medically accurate, pleasure-guided, and socially conscious sexuality education workshops with their audience.

Credentials, Training, Specialties


  • Masters of Education (M.Ed.)
  • Human Sexuality Studies
  • Specializations: queer, transgender, gender identity, asexuality, polyamory, empathetic communication, body autonomy and liberation


  • LBGTQ 101, Roger Williams University
  • LGBTQ 201, Roger Williams University
  • Men, Women, and The Rest of Us, Kate Bornstein, Roger Williams University
  • SafeZone Training, Roger Williams University
  • Green Dot Training, Roger Williams University
  • Sexual Assault Advocate training, Roger Williams University

Workshop Facilitations

  • LGBT, But Where’s the T?: How To Be an Effective Ally to Transgender Students, Widener University
  • Bodily Autonomy in Pre-K, Private Workshop
  • Empathy and Reciprocity in Management, Private Workshop
  • More Than Two: Opening Up Your Monogamous Relationship, Fishtown Wellness Center
  • Parental Allies: A Workshop for Parents of LGBTQ Youth, Fishtown Wellness Center
  • Trans & Gender Nonconforming Support Group (monthly), Fishtown Wellness Center
Commitment to Social Justice

I follow mostly a reconstructionist theory of education because the end goal is to create a better society. My curriculum will be rooted in social reform, particularly queer, feminist and anti-racist theories and methods for reform. The audience’s education will be used as a way to help people resist and subvert oppression in any form, with a higher emphasis on structural oppression to create a larger-scale change.

Although I am an educator, it is not my goal to be the authority of knowledge with my audience. Instead, I believe it is my duty to act as a guide for the students to garner their own education for change. I want to provide the basis of knowledge to the audience about sexuality, and I want the audience to be able to be the real forerunners of ways this information can be made into social reform and change.