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Nakia Anderson

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Nakia Anderson


As a woman of color and an ally to the LGBTQIA community and sex workers, I pride myself on providing a welcoming, safe space where I listen to clients with compassion and non-judgment while challenging them to move forward. I work with adult-aged individuals and couples who are facing the desire to improve the quality of their lives.

I have worked with an array of people coping with communication issues, interpersonal challenges, anxiety, and depression. I use multicultural perspectives, along with CBT, DBT, and mindfulness techniques to promote change in how individuals view themselves, and the Gottman method to assist couples in reducing conflict.

My role is to aid in exploring how symptoms and behaviors are affecting a client or a couple and assess what changes can be made. And, change is often possible.

Credentials, Training, Specialties

Credentials and Specializations

  • MA
  • NCC
  • LPC


  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Level 1 and Level 2
  • Rogers Behavioral Health Training:
  • Diagnosis of borderline personality disorder in adolescence: When, why, and how to integrate into treatment
  • What to know about exposure therapy and medications for treating eating disorders: A practical primer
  • Mental Health Academy 2022 Suicide Prevention Summit Trainings:
    Competency-based and Interprofessional Approaches to Training Healthcare Professionals in Suicide Prevention
  • Clinical Work with Those Bereaved by Suicide
  • Faith Leaders – Essential Partners in Local and National Efforts to End Suicide
  • How Can We Use Technology to Improve Suicide Prevention?
  • Iikakiimaat: A Best Practice
  • It Takes a Village to Raise a Child…And a Child toTEACH a Village: The Lessons Learned from the Suicide of Jamal Clay
  • Lived Experience as a Bridge from Public Health Knowledge to Action
  • Post-traumatic Growth After Suicide Loss Across the Lifespan
  • Reducing Suicide Rates Among LGBT Youth of Color
  • Suicide Intervention with Older Adults: Clinical Implications Preliminary Results of a Partially Nested Randomized Control Trial Understanding
    and Preventing Suicide in Older Adulthood
  • Using Guided Discovery in Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy: Strengthening Hope, Purpose, and Worthwhileness
  • Youth Suicide Prevention: Connecting Dots Between Schools and Communities
  • National LGBT Health Education Center – The Fenway Institute Training:
  • Behavioral Health Care for Transgender Adults
  • Providing Mental Health Assessments for Gender Affirming Surgery Referral Letters
Commitment to Social Justice

My commitment to social justice means that I strive to attend to issues of power, privilege, and oppression faced by clients, while I recognize the implications of the intersectionality of individual clients. I work to encourage clients to be their whole selves, honoring multiple identities and lived experiences with a focus on their strengths and self-determination.

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